Install Android Studio

Install Android Studio

Android Studio Installation

Android Studio Installation

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is the official IDE provide by Google for developing Android applications. It is powered by the IntelliJ IDEA powered by JetBrains.  A brilliant code editor, debugging tools, performance test tools, memory management. Along with GitHub and firebase integration. Also maintains a local history of all your files till the project is not closed.

Before installing Android Studio,  get the latest Java-JDK

In this post, we will be telling you how to download and install Android Studio so you can start building your first application.

  1. From the android developer website , download the Android Studio – it will be approximately 2 GB

Android Studio Download

  1. Once the download is complete, open the installer
  2. Click next and select components to download, check the “Android SDK”.

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  1. Select the location of the Android Studio and SDK to be installed. Choose SDK location other than C: drive. Let the installation complete

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You can use the same location of SDK when you will be installing Android Studio the second time.

Launch the Android Studio

  1. Click next and select “Custom” if you want to setup some changes
  2. Choose a theme
    1. IntelliJ – light white background theme
    2. Darcula – dark gray background theme
  3. Give the location of the Android SDK which was in the other drive. Hit next, it may download some essential components. Wait for it to finish.

You will see a “Welcome to Android Studio” console. From there you can start building your apps.

SDK Manager

SDK manager consists of tools and android version required by android studio to develop apps. It comprises of Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Build Tools, all versions of SDK platform, extras contains the USB driver responsible for debugging, Google play services.

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Go to the location where you saved the android sdk.

G:\ Softwares\android-sdk

Open SDK manager. You will see a window similar to above image. Select tools, extras and any android version. Click install – a new window will open, accept the license and install the components.

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