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How to Capture Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver-2017

In my previous post we have discussed on the topic to find locators on web page. One of the major activity which comes under picture in testing is How to Capture Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver. Screenshot is required to be captured for various purpose, some of them are: To share screenshot of


How to Handle Alert and Popup in Selenium WebDriver

In this post will learn how to handle Alert and Popup in Selenium WebDriver. Check out the steps. What Is Alert ? Alert is a message box which is usually put up inside any form or login page. There are two clickable options in alert box “OK” or “Cancel”. In this post


How to Apply Different Colors to Each Columns in amCharts?

How to apply different colors in each column of amCharts? Well this post will clear out everything. You will learn how you can apply different colors without defining any other class or js code. What is amCharts? amCharts is a Lithuania based company which provides different types of charts for official and