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How to Modify web.config appsettings at runtime in c#?

The file web.config is responsible for the configuration of the project and also an important part. Through this post I will tell you how to modify web.config programmatically in c# at runtime and I also tell you about good and bad effects of doing this. Before that lets talk about the web.config


How to Apply Different Colors to Each Columns in amCharts?

How to apply different colors in each column of amCharts? Well this post will clear out everything. You will learn how you can apply different colors without defining any other class or js code. What is amCharts? amCharts is a Lithuania based company which provides different types of charts for official and


How to Launch Firefox Browser Using Selenium.

In this post you will learn How to Launch Firefox Browser Using Selenium Web driver. Before starting with test scrip in Eclipse, First of all you need to install Java Development Kit (JDK) Download JDK Download Eclipse .zip file and install in your system. After successful installation of eclipse, you can get